Why Does Honda Accord Power Steering Pump Make Noise When Cold

Honda Accord owners on our forum often ask us: “Why does Honda Accord power steering pump make noise when cold?” It’s a common problem, lets look at some solutions.

Nowadays, almost every manufactured car has power steering in them. Among other cars, Honda Accord also has the facility of power steering. 

The advantage of having power steering is that it reduces the driver’s workload while turning a car. In addition, the transfer of load to the steering column from the wheel is also prevented by power steering.

Honda Accord power steering has a pump like every other car. The power steering pump transfers power from the steering wheel to the wheel assembly through the power steering fluid. 

Unfortunately, it might be that your Honda Accord produces a loud sound when cold. But, you need not bother as this article will provide you with the causes and the solutions for this common problem.

Why Does Honda Accord Power Steering Pump Make Noise When Cold

Why Does Your Power Steering Pump Make A Noise?

Most people get concerned when it comes to any issues that hamper their car function. However, when your Honda Accord power steering makes a noise when cold, you can solve the problem easily.

Air In The Pump

The presence of air in the pump system is the most common cause. This happens as air bubbles lower the system’s ability to produce sufficient hydraulic pressure. 


You need to bleed the power steering pump and remove any air bubbles that have entered into it. 

Bad O-Ring

After warming up the engine, if the noise disappears, it might be the problem of a bad O-ring on the inlet hose joint. This slows down the movement of air into the system.


If the problem is due to a bad O-ring, then replacing the O-ring can solve the issue. For this, you need to do the following:

Why Does Honda Accord Power Steering Pump Make Noise When Cold

Worn Out Serpentine Belt

If you hear a screeching sound when you start up, which gets intensified on turning the wheel, it may result from a worn-out Serpentine Belt. The reason behind this is that the rubber belt gets hard in the cold and creates a bad grip in the pulleys making the belt slip over the pulley.


If the problem is the hardening of the serpentine belt due to the cold, you need to check the belt. You need to replace the belt if there are any signs of crack or stiffness in it.

Power Steering Fluid

The whining sound while turning the steering wheel generally results from power steering fluid. The power steering fluid grows in volume when you turn the steering. During cold, the power steering fluid gets thicker as it is a viscous fluid. 

That, in turn, causes difficulty for the power steering pump to move smoothly. As the power steering pump fights to keep the power steering fluid moving, the whining sound is produced.


When you find a power steering fluid-related problem, you need to make sure that the fluid is in good condition. 

For example, if there is any dirtiness in the fluid or thickened into a gum-like substance, you need to replace the fluid with a new clear fluid.

Why Does Honda Accord Power Steering Pump Make Noise When Cold

Answers To More Questions About Power Steering Noises

Why does my power steering pump make noise when it is cold?

If you have a Honda Accord as your car, you need to be aware of the honda accord power steering noise when cold. It is a very general issue with every Honda Accord and is not only your car’s problem. 

During cold, the Serpentine belt can get stiff and cause the grip over pulleys to worsen, making the belt slip over the pulley. Your car’s power steering fluid can also thicken due to cold making it difficult for the power steering pump to move efficiently. 

The appearance of air bubbles in the pump system can also cause noise that amplifies while turning the power steering.

Can power steering be affected by cold?

In cold weather, the most common issue faced by cars is that the power steering gets affected. The cold environment results in the thickening and freezing of the power steering fluid

That affects the fluid’s viscosity, and the power steering pumps can not move efficiently. Coldness can also harden the Serpentine belt causing the belt to slip over the pulleys. 

It results in noisy power steering, which increases on turning. The whole power steering system can get affected if this problem is not solved immediately after noticing.

Why Does Honda Accord Power Steering Pump Make Noise When Cold

Why is my power steering pump making a buzzing noise?

Noisy power steering, especially while turning the wheel, is a common symptom of a faulty power steering pump. 

The buzzing noise can be a result of any leakage in the power steering pump of your car. Lower levels of fluid can also cause this problem. You can also hear this sound during a cold if the fluid thickens, affecting the mobility of the pump.

Is it normal to hear the power steering pump?

It is a common problem Honda Accord faces and can be fixed easily as the necessary items are available in markets. The positive side is that the problem appears in the Honda Accord and in almost every car with a power steering system. 

Although the sound is normal to hear, as it seems very common, keeping the problem intact is not good for your power steering system.

Why Does Honda Accord Power Steering Pump Make Noise When Cold

Don’t Ignore Your Power Steering Noise Sounds. Instead, Solve The Problem With Our Tips Today!

If you have problems with your Honda Accord’s power steering pump due to the cold, you must consider yourself lucky as this is a minor issue. 

Going through the article, you must have got a basic idea about the cause of the problem and what can be done to solve it. Our experts create this article in such a way that you might not need to go to a mechanic to solve the problem. 

So without wasting time, please get to the basic roots of the problem and solve them to save your car power steering system.

Happy Riding!