Best Headlight Restoration Kits

In this article, we have reviewed the best headlight restoration kits. If you are in a hurry, the table below gives a quick snapshot of the top ones.

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Are you tired of having to squint while night-driving? Headlights tend to blur due to oxidation due to rain and exposure to caustic chemicals (stones, sand, etc.).

In developed countries, 85 percent of unnatural deaths or fatal injuries occur in road accidents, and bad lighting is one of the primary reasons behind it.[1]


Best Headlight Restoration Kits


Headlight Restoration Kits are used for repairing dull and damaged headlights. These user-friendly kits deliver long-lasting and transparent visibility within less than 30 minutes. Your lens is a built device that must be repaired correctly to optimal efficiency.

This article will discuss the five Best Headlight Restoration Kits available on Amazon.

Our top choice – Car Headlights DIY Polishing Kit

The [amazon link=”B07KP8J7Q2” link icon=”Meguiar’s G2970 Two Step Headlight Restoration Kit”] is our top choice for the best Car Headlights DIY Polishing Kit because for the following reasons:

  • It leads to Deep Clean.
  • It gives professional results.
  • It has an easy 4 step process.
  • It is pocket friendly

Best Headlight Restoration Kits

#1 Mothers 07251 NuLens Headlight Renewal Kit 5027/21.97

It is built to restore all forms of smooth, polished plastic and acrylic headlights to maintain and protect them easily and securely. It cleans yellowing and stains quickly, and in one stage, it also prevents unstoppable hairline scraping, smearing, and defects.

[amazon fields=”B00GZLMEPM” value=”thumb” image= “1” image_size= “large” image_align = “center” image_alt = “Mothers 07251 NuLens Headlight Renewal Kit”]

Features and Benefits

  • Power Plastic Lights: The included polish PowerPlastic 4Lights restore clarity and avoid possible headlight deterioration by a hard protective oxidation-inhibiting polymer coating.
  • Professional Results: An innovative tool that uses a boiler-mounted, precise foam polishing ball to restore smooth, crystal clear plastic headlights in a quick, clean, and economical way. Preserves and protects them.
  • Economical: Mothers NuLens Headlight Renewal Kit is a perfect way to upgrade your headlight. It costs hundreds of bucks to get a new headlight, but you shouldn’t waste your money. This restoration kit includes everything that you need to repair your headlights.
  • Quick Results: Apply a nickel size of the supplied PowerPlastic 4Lights liquid polish to the middle of the ball with a Mother 4Lights polishing tool connected to any cordless drill. Polish the lens to smooth and clean and polish it if necessary.
  • Instructions: Stage 1 – Prep – Operates with a PowerPlastic Polish Cordless Boiler; Stage 2 — Apply NuLen’s Headlight Renewal Kit. ; Stage 3 – Shine with a microfiber towel and then clean and buff.

Why should you buy it?

Mothers NuLens Hot light Renovation kit is a good way to update your cars’ headlight as it provides everything you need to patch your headlight in a quick time

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#2 Meguiars G2970 Two Step Headlight Restoration Kit 3548/16

The 2-step Headlight Repair Kit of Meguiar enables you to quickly and easily restore your headlights. Disinfect the surface uniformly by adding the washing solution and abrasive purification pad (included). Sprinkle the surface equally and deeply with a headlight coating.

[amazon fields=”B01M75GUJB” value=”thumb” image= “1” image_size= “large” image_align = “center” image_alt = “Meguiars G2970 Two Step Headlight Restoration Kit”]

Features and Benefits

  • Two-Step Kit: To start with, uniformly purify the surface with one of the included cleaning pads and cleaning compounds. Then cover thoroughly with the headlight cover to restore the headlight to a crystal clear finish, which protects against dirt for up to a year.
  • Cleaning Solution: When used on one of the cleaning pads, this transparent plastic cleaner has the power to eliminate yellowing, slurry, and oxidation manually.
  • Headlight Coating: Following the Cleaning solution, this patented spray coating on the transparent plastic increases visibility and offers long-lasting protection from UV rays and the elements.
  • 2 Cleaning Pads: Two circular cleaning pads (one for each headlight) to cut the yellowing, clouding, and oxidation from each of the headlights.
  • Usage: Shake product well; Before applying the coating, the headlight should be clean and dry; Apply the whole headlight to one medium wet coat, which overlaps the previous pass by 50%; Next three to five minutes, let the first coat dry; Continue with a second coat on the headlights; In three to five minutes, the coating dries off. It is cured fully within 24 hours; Before completely dried, do not expose the coating to water or moisture.

Why should you buy it?

The clear plastic purifier can remove yellowing, slurry, and oxidation in one of the cleaning pads. Following that, the proprietary spray coating on the clear plastic improves clarity and provides long-lasting protection against UV and other dirt and oxidation.

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#3 Wipe New HDL6PCMTRRT Headlight Restore Kit 2838/16

This headlight restore kit gives you crystal clear headlights In just seconds. The Wipe Fresh Headlight Restore lives up to your expectation as an innovative product. 

[amazon fields=”B00K889FCI” value=”thumb” image= “1” image_size= “large” image_align = “center” image_alt = “Wipe New HDL6PCMTRRT Headlight Restore Kit 2838/16”]

Features and Benefits

  • Innovative Product: The Wipe Modern Headlight Restore won the SEMA Global Media Award in 2014 because of its distinct design making it different from thousands of other items in the category. 
  • Clean Dry Lense: For best results, the special two-sided oxidation removal & lens polishing pad suggests scraping hazelnut, road grain, and flaws.
  • Tear And Wipe-It: The product is considered a single-use, pre-saturated, single-use Wipe-it restore headlight product of its type and neatly packed to minimize waste. Prepare the two glasses, tear them, dry and wash them.
  • Long-Lasting: Crystal Clear headlights are given in a short amount of time in the patented Wipe New formula and guarantee that the headlights pass inspection for vehicle life.

Why should you buy it?

The Wipe Modern Headlight Restore is one of the most critically acclaimed products in this category, winning significant awards. It provides long-lasting and effective results.                                                                                                                

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#4 Car Headlights DIY Polishing Kit 1090/12.98

The DIY Car Headlight Polishing Kit is an excellent lamp polishing kit. There is no need for a restorer and protectant during operation, just water. You only need four steps to make your headlights shine like new.

[amazon fields=”B07KP8J7Q2″ value=”thumb” image= “1” image_size= “large” image_align = “center” image_alt = “Car Headlights DIY Polishing Kit 1090/12.98”]

Features and Benefits

  • Deep clean: It gives your headlights a deep rinse and a shimmering look. It clears the headlight so that you can drive peacefully at night. It also prevents oxidation, cloudiness, and corrosion. Enhance the glow of your headlights to make your night drive clear and safe.
  • Professional Results: Restores, preserve and secure all kinds of smooth, glittery plastic and acrylic headlights to crystal clearness with a simple household drill, quickly and easily. It will protect your headlights just like new for up to 12 months.
  • Save more: Each set is enough for restoring up to 8 headlights. It is a versatile product that can be used on headlights, taillights, fog lights, and directional lights. The instructions are clearly stated on the packaging.
  • Easy four steps: Stage 1 – Prepare water and a cableless drill spray bottle. Stage 2 – Use scouring pads for washing. Stage 3 – Sand using polish discs. Stage 4 – The shine is restored. It is safe and environmentally friendly without any toxic fluid.

Why should you buy it?

This headlight restoration kit is great for deep cleaning as it removes cloudiness, decay, and oxidation effectively. The headlamps will also reduce the glow to keep it transparent and safe for your night drive.                                                                   

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#5 3M 39008 Headlight Lens Restoration System 336/89/4

This 3M Headlight Lens Restoration Package is designed to remove the cloudy, yellowed veil from your headlight. It uses a light abrasive device to make your headlights look nice and saves you the money needed for a headlight repair or replacement.

[amazon fields=”B005W0VX6I” value=”thumb” image= “1” image_size= “large” image_align = “center” image_alt = “3M 39008 Headlight Lens Restoration System 336/89/4”]

Features and Benefits

  • 3M Disc Pad Holder: The Disc Pad Holder connects to a regular household drill (1200-1600 rpm) and holds the abrasive discs using a hook-like attachment.
  • 3M Trizact Sanding Discs: Every package contains 6 – 3″ Grit Gold Sanding Disks, 4 – P 800 Grit 3″ White Finishing Disks, and 1 – P3000 Grit 3″ Gray Grinding Disk for the removal of yellowing from your headlights.
  • 3M Compounding Pad: The foam pad spreads the cleaning agent uniformly and prevents fine surface marks produced by sanding measures when used with a 3M rubbing compound.
  • 3M Rubbing Compound: A small amount of rubbing compound can be used for buffing to remove bristle and improve visibility
  • Unique working: The 3M Headlight Restore Package restores transparent headlight lenses, which are difficult for regular cleaners. Apply high-efficiency masking tape on the painted areas around the lens that you repair—using an incremental method of abrasive Trizact disks to eliminate yellowing, shredding, debris, and other materials incorporated into the plastic lens.

Why should you buy it?

On the painted surfaces surrounding the lens you patch, add a high-efficiency masking tape. Using an incremental abrasive Trizact process, yellowing, shredding, litter, and other plastic lens materials are removed.                                                                   

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Buyer’s Guide: Best Headlight Restoration Kits 

Easy To Use

Headlight restoration can be a bit complex because it requires a drill and other equipment. Spend some time to understand the instructions carefully, and only use them if you are confident enough to do it yourself


Best Headlight Restoration Kits


Many high-quality restoration kits provide some coating, mostly in the form of a spray, to give the best finishing after cleaning it with the cleaning solution.

Cleaning Solution

The cleaning solution must be capable of effectively removing the yellowing, slurry, and oxidation.

Frequently asked questions: Best Headlight Restoration Kits. 

Do headlight restoration kits really work?

The most critical work of the headlight repair kits is your lens’s buffing to remove the lost translucent cover. Although this is the right way to patch headlights, most kits normally don’t do the job.


Best Headlight Restoration Kits

What is the best way to clean cloudy headlights?

You should try to clean the headlights with abrasive materials such as toothpáste and a lot of scrubbing if they are just mildly foggy. Firstly, disinfect headlamps with water and soap. Rub a piece of toothpaste into the damp headlight with a smooth cloth, and then clean it.

How long do headlight restoration kits last?

In general, the headlight lens can remain sharp and transparent for about nine months to two years after the treatment.


In our opinion, the [amazon link=”B01M75GUJB” link_icon=” Best Product”]  is the best choice among the various options that we have considered because it has a unique cleaning solution that has the power to eliminate yellowing, slurry, and oxidation manually.


Best Headlight Restoration Kits


The [amazon link=”B00GZLMEPM” link_icon=”Second Best Product”]  is our next best choice because it has power plastic lights, which avoids possible deterioration by a hard protective oxidation-inhibiting polymer coating.

If you are looking for a value for money option, you can also consider the [amazon link=”B07KP8J7Q2″ link_icon=”Value for money product”], which offers great value and features at a very reasonable price point. 

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[1] – A Public Health Perspective of Road Traffic Accidents