Best Car Alarm System

Unfortunately, we live in a world in which car thieving is relatively common. It is no wonder that one of the main rules of parking your car is to not leave any visible valuables inside it, as that will make it a prime target for thieves.

Any expensive objects or bags should always be left hidden inside the boot, or under the car seats so that they can’t be seen through the window. Having your car broken into is one of the worst feelings, and one to try and avoid at all cost.

Nowadays, cars tend to come with alarms pre-installed. However, sometimes these alarms just don’t cut it, and you might want to have a better alarm system installed with different features that make you feel safer about leaving your car parked out on the street.

Best Car Alarm System

A car alarm won’t stop the thieves from trying to break into it or stealing things. However, it will alert you as soon as anything dodgy happens, and will also make it a lot more difficult for the thieves to get away with it.

With all the different car alarm systems that are available in the market, you can find different features to suit your different needs, from personalized alarms to GPS tracking so that you know exactly where your car is if it has been stolen.

Some alarm systems even have an ignition kill switch, so that you can ensure the thief doesn’t get away with your car at all!

If you live in a bad neighborhood, or you want to have that added level of security for your car, it is completely worth the investment, as a good alarm system might save you from the distress of losing your vehicle to thieves.


Viper 5706V 2-Way Car Security


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Viper 350 PLUS 1-Way Car Alarm


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Avital 5305L Security System 2-Way


Viper 5706V 2-Way Car Security

Viper is a brand that offers many different car alarm systems, all of them with a high standard of great quality, well known and favored amongst customers.

The Viper 5706V model is a 2-way car security system that is of an excellent quality, with a range that reaches a whole mile.

It comes with a remote control with which you can control the system through all of the buttons. It has an LCD display screen for easy use, and so that you can keep track of all the controls and settings.

The five buttons on the remote control can be set to control up to 24 different functions, for two separate cars, making this system highly versatile and efficient.

If you are within range, you get automatically notified if anything happens to your car. If out of range, the system notifies you as soon as you reach the car and are in range once more, and tells you exactly what happened through the display screen.

The system is packed with New Technology Platform features, such as an Active Temp Check that lets you know the temperature inside your car. Highly adjustable and easy to use, with a reliable battery that can be recharged using a USB port.


  • Well known and recommended brand
  • 5-button system with LCD Screen
  • 24 functions for two different cars at once
  • 1 mile range
  • New Technology Platform features
  • Rechargeable and reliable battery