Best All Season Tires

The best set all-season tires will help you handle any slick surface. They better equip your car to take on heavy downpours, puddles, or a thin sheet of snow or ice. 

Without them, your vehicle may end up hydroplaning into a wall, ditch, or another car much more easily. 

If you live somewhere particularly rainy or overcast, they will improve your ride and be much more comfortable. 

Benefits of All Season Tires

1. Improved Performance. 

All-season tires are designed to make your journey through rain, water, or slick streets much smoother. 

Their tread is designed to last longer as well, meaning you will get more miles out of them and better grip and function. This will also improve your fuel economy and braking ability.

2. Safety

High-quality, all-season tires are equipped to handle puddles and slick surfaces more efficiently while lowering the chance of hydroplaning. 

However, keep in mind there are some currents you should not drive through, and you should always use extreme caution when driving in the rain or on wet roads.

3. Traction

While standard tires with thinner tread and traction control can get bogged down and spin on wet streets, the best set of tires are designed with a powerful grip. This keeps the vehicle firmly grounded to the road, giving you better control and improved braking.

4. Year-round functionality

The best all-weather tires add convenience to any journey. They give you the ability to drive on almost any terrain without having to swap them out for winter or summer tires

Their grip works great in both wet and dry seasons, and many can even be used on mud and light snow. They can be used all year long on roads that have been plowed and treated.

Best All-Season Tires For Your Vehicle

Here are the top-rated, all-season tires you should consider for your vehicle.

1. Michelin Defender LTX All-Season Tire

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This is a durable, all-season tire designed with improved performance and traction for light trucks, SUVs, and crossovers. 

With Michelin’s patented Evertread compound, the tires are able to last up to 10 percent longer in severe weather conditions. 

They are also M/S rated, making them capable of handling both muddy terrain and snowy conditions.


  • These tires offer shorter wet stopping distances in case of emergencies
  • MaxTouch construction helps with fuel economy to save money at the gas pump
  • Directional tread design
  • Independant treat blocks
  • High-density sipes to optimize traction on dry and/or wet roads


  • Stiff design might make for an uncomfortable ride over bumpy roads and holes
  • Tires can heat up and cool down quite fast while driving. This pressure can make rubber weaker and less dense
  • Not great in the winter or in snow 

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2. Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ All Season Performance Radial Tire

[amazon fields=”B01ETRBGNY” value=”thumb” image= “1” image_size= “large” image_align = “center” image_alt = “Michelin Pilot Sport A/S 3+ All Season Performance Radial Tire”]

Michelin’s Pilot Sport tires are ultra high-performance, all-season tires that grip in both wet and dry conditions due to the inclusion of an extreme silica-plus compound. 

They are designed for both summer and winter use. The 3D sipes and large rain grooves prevent hydroplaning, while the biting edges foster quick starting and stopping power.


  • Hello-plus technology helps tires stick on wet roads, as well as in ice and snow
  • Ideal for cornering and control
  • Great in the rain or wet conditions
  • Provides a smooth ride
  • Stop well in a range of conditions


  • Somewhat pricey
  • They can get louder over time
  • Short tread life

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3. Firestone All-Season Radial Tire

[amazon fields=”B074KRWMQH” value=”thumb” image= “1” image_size= “large” image_align = “center” image_alt = “Firestone All-Season Radial Tire”]

If you are looking for a high-quality and long-lasting set of performance tires for your coupe, sedan, or sub-compact economy car, Firestone has you covered. 

These come with a hard and durable tread rubber that is molded into a pattern focused on grip and traction control. 

This makes them capable of being driven on icy and snow-covered roads with an excellent grip on wet surfaces. They are also designed with circumferential grooves and cuts to evacuate water quickly.


  • Design makes these tires great at expelling water at higher rates of speed
  • Extra layer of rubber under the tread effectively absorbs irregularities (bumps, potholes, etc.)
  • Can save you money at the gas pump by lowering your fuel economy


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4. Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric All-Season Radial

[amazon fields=”B00CY5EXJI” value=”thumb” image= “1” image_size= “large” image_align = “center” image_alt = “Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric All-Season Radial”]

This all-season tire will provide you with ultra-high performance. It has an asymmetric tread design that’s inspired by race technology. 

On one side is a dry handling zone to give you more rubber contact with the road while cornering. 

For traction on wet roads, this tire has several microgrooves to give you plenty of edges to grip the road. This tire is sized 245/40ZR18, but it comes in several sizes so that you can find the right tire for your vehicle. 


  • Increased responsiveness and handling
  • High performance in all road conditions, including dry, wet, and even snow
  • Provides a noticeably smoother ride
  • Features 4 circumferential grooves that wrap around the tire and channel water away from it


  • Tends to lose traction at high speeds (especially in wet conditions)
  • Can be noisy tires

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5. Cooper Tire Evolution Tour 98T All Season Radial Tire

[amazon fields=”B079Z63TKR” value=”thumb” image= “1” image_size= “large” image_align = “center” image_alt = “Cooper Tire Evolution Tour 98T All Season Radial Tire”]

This all-season tire features a bold tread design with four wide circumferential grooves. This helps the tire to maintain contact with the road in all driving conditions. 

There are also several ribs and grooves to create a multitude of tread blocks. This helps the tire grip the road. 

This tire is size 225/60R16, but it comes in several sizes so you can find the right size for your car. 


  • Specially designed to enhance fuel efficiency
  • Soft sidewalls to provide a smooth/quiet ride
  • Durable tread to increase longevity
  • 3D micro-gauge siping helps improve tire performance while braking, accelerating, and cornering


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6. Hankook Kinergy ST H735 All-Season Radial Tire

[amazon fields=”B07C8F9KWW” value=”thumb” image= “1” image_size= “large” image_align = “center” image_alt = “Hankook Kinergy ST H735 All-Season Radial Tire”]

This all-season tire features an optimized block stiffness. There are two wide steel belts to give the tire stability. This is paired with a stiffer sidewall and belt folded edge tape. 

This tire is a size 235/65R17 104H, but it comes in several sizes for a broad range of vehicle compatibility. 


  • Can provide a smooth and peaceful ride
  • Affordable and reliable
  • Can help save you money by lowering fuel economy


  • Lack durability and fast treadwear
  • Lack an aggressive tread pattern, which means they won’t provide the ideal amount of traction

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7. BFGoodrich g-Force COMP-2 A/S Performance Radial Tire

[amazon fields=”B00Y3H89B8″ value=”thumb” image= “1” image_size= “large” image_align = “center” image_alt = “BFGoodrich g-Force COMP-2 A/S Performance Radial Tire”]

For those interested in top performance, this G-Force tire has the features needed to give you the road performance you crave. 

It has UltiGrip Technology, which means it has large and rigid tread blocks. This optimizes the tire’s contact with the road. It also has a performance racing core, or ETEC System. 

This optimizes the tire’s contact patch with the road for the perfect amount of grip. This tire is a size 255/45ZR20, but it comes in several different sizes, so you’ll have no problem finding the size compatible with your vehicle. 


  • Grips the road well in both wet and dry conditions
  • High silica rubber compound ensures grip retention in all weather temperatures/conditions
  • V-shape tread pattern helps channel water away from the tire


  • Stiffer tread blocks and sidewalls. Which means you might have to sacrifice some of the ride quality
  • Not as soft-feeling or quiet than a “luxury” all-season tire

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Additional Tips to Keep Your Tires in Tip Top Shape

  • Rotate your tires every 6,000 to 8,000 miles. Routine maintenance will ensure the tread is even and the tires remain in good shape.
  • Make sure to check the amount of tire pressure in each tire before setting off on a trip. This is especially true when there is a swift shift in temperatures. Check the manufacturer’s guidelines to see their proper levels.
  • If you are worried your tread may be deteriorating, you can check the level by using the penny test. Insert a penny into the tire’s tread groove with President Lincoln’s head upside down. If you can see all of his head, the tread depth is too low and needs to be replaced.
  • To prevent a possible blowout, you should never drive the tires beyond their speed rating. You can find this by reading the last letter on the sidewall of the tire, which can be either an S, T, H, or V. This only applies to a new tire that has not been damaged by a puncture or tear.

Best All Season Tires – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between all-season and all-terrain tires?

All-season tires provide your vehicle with traction on roads all year round. They perform the best on smooth, normal road surfaces, especially in the rain, and are more fuel-efficient. 

All-terrain tires are best off road and are made up of thicker treads and more robust materials to handle nearly any terrain.

How often should I check tire pressure?

Consider checking the tire pressure of each all-season tire once a month or before any major journey. 

Another time to check them is with any major shift in temperature. A sudden change from intense heat to extreme cold may decrease the maximum pressure in the tires.

How do I inspect my tire for signs of damage?

Look over your tires, and you should be able to spot any signs of wear and tear. Tires that are underinflated will show signs on the outer edges. 

You may also notice bumps or bubbles on the sidewall, indicating one of the belts may be separated.






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